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It’s a free membership for a limited period of time ($997 per person after that), and we only take on 15 new people per month. People that get in now get ”free for life access”

Step by step Masterclass training for online success

Step by Step plans

You will be guided from the very first step on how to get started in setting up your successful online business. Every tool you need, all the do’s & don’ts, coaching and evaluation of your work, weekly free training webinars and much more.

The best free masterclass for a successful digital agency

Get the secret tools to online success

You will get first hand access to the best and most recent tools in the industry, how to use them and how to make them work for you individually…. and how to leverage them and make you stand out to all the competition.

The masterclass that can skyrocket your business to success

Hello automated income

We aim to help all our students to build a as automated business as possible, to help you free up time and generate more income per spent ”working-hour” and most importantly of all, as much income as possible while you’re NOT working.

Daniel Dehn Free Masterclass training for digital agencies

Leadpro by Daniel Dehn

I have been working in the digital marketing & sales sector since 2007.
And believe me…. I have tried and tested almost everything out there when it comes to tools and strategies… I have read the books from close to every online success and digital Guru out there.

With over 30.000 hours in this industry during this part of my career, it is safe to say that my experience has showed me what really works…. and what really doesn’t (expensive experiences hahaha).

The really really REALLY (!!!!) positive part about this, is that we now have come to a part of life and our careers that we know what works and we know that strategies to use, what email automation to use, how to target and optimize ads and how + when to scale.

Our system is one of the most advanced and user-friendly online income systems you will find on the market…. and EVERYTHING is laid out for you, the system is tried and tested by thousands of people all over the world!

We have loads of documentation and video to help set you up really easily, without previous knowledge and without even a product to sell, WE SHOW YOU WHAT TO SELL!

Pre-built ”info-products”, software that spans from lowticket to highticket items and commissions for you to get rolling and keep making money.

We even give you the best converting salesfunnels that we use that you can just import with just one click, and all you have to do is customize it fit yourself and your brand.

We present you with exactly EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SUCCEED and start building your new life where you are in control of both your time and your income!

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The masterclass that works on a done for you template

Focus your reading on these following FREE BOOKS!

They are filled with Industry secrets and best practices that will help you reach your online success ASAP!

The Exepert Secrets

Learn how to position yourself as an expert digital marketer

Get 15+ Hours of explainervideo as a Bonus


”Russell Brunson is the man. I can’t believe he tells everybody this information for free…”
 Kent Mauresmo

The Dotcom Secrets

Learn all the best kept secrets to succeed online

Get 15+ Hours of explainervideo as a Bonus


”I was planning on giving this book 5 minutes… I ended up reading the whole thing! This is the best marketing book I’ve come across in years…”
 Danny Iny

The Funnelhacker Cookbook

Get the best tried and tested successful funnels

Get 3+ Hours of explainervideo as a Bonus


”I’m confident this book WILL change your online fortunes.
Seriously it’s THAT GOOD!”
 Phil Henderson

The Masterclass is FREE and you'll access HOURS of explainer video for a bulletproof setup for your online business 😉

Everything you need to succeed

Step by step Masterclass training for online success

The 3 tools for the perfect digital foundation

1.Perfect FUNNELS

2.Perfect COPY

3.Perfect ADS

The Clickfunnels Etison Suite

The best funnelbuilding software for online success


”It’s super easy to use and makes really beautiful landing pages, mine convert at 40-70%! But granted, it’s also partly that I got the templates with tried and tested funnels from Leadpro that made it super, super easy to get started and get great results”
 Oksana Ulukova

What CLICKFUNNELS offers you:

EVERYTHING you need to build and launch your sales and marketing funnels in as little as 10 minutes!

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can have your new funnel up and running in as little as 10 minutes!

Before ClickFunnels, if you wanted to create a sales funnel, you had to PIECE together every element yourself (or hire a development team to do it for thousands of dollars!)

  • All the individual pages…
  • The shopping cart…
  • The autoresponder sequences…
  • The merchant account…

And after all that was finished?

You still had to connect all the 3rd party programs (that may or may not work nicely together) and hope that you have a working funnel at the end…

Nobody Wants To DEAL With All Those Moving Parts And Pieces!
With ClickFunnels, everything you need to build and launch your funnel is pre-developed and automatically pieced together FOR you, so you have a seamless, FAST set up.

The Funnel Scripts Copywriter

The best copywriting tools for digital marketers


”Funnel Scripts takes all of Russell Brunson’s scripts found in his books Dot Com Secrets and Expert Secrets to make it super easy to generate your money making scripts based on his formulas. You can have a first draft script in 10 minutes or less!”
 Daniel Boswell

What FUNNELSCRIPTS offers you:

Large variety of scripts – this includes: sales scripts, opt-in scripts, video sales letter scripts, ads scripts (including Facebook ads), and the Perfect Webinar script which has made Russell Brunson millions of dollars.

Script wizards – there are now 4 downloadable script wizards to chose from: The Perfect Webinar Wizard, Video Sales Letter Wizard, Easy Survey Wizard, and Star, Story, Solution Wizard!

Easy to fill in forms – every script has simple form fields that also include examples to help you fill it in quickly.

Training videos – there is a short training video above every script and monthly training calls.

Monthly live training – you’ll get live training each month on the best way to use Funnel Scripts.

And much more…

The Connect Explore FB Snipertargeting

Connectexplore best facebook targeting and analytics tool


”With Connect Explore, you can run your ads like a professional without the whine or trouble or any confounded split-testing. Snatch it ASAP to make the most of its gigantic advantages!”
 Emma Trinh

What CONNECTEXPLORE offers you:

ConnectExplore puts interest-based targeting at Facebook… on steroids.

Just to name a few things…

Find Hidden Interests
ConnectExplore finds more hidden interests to target than any other tool could. Includes easy filtering, works in any language and only shows usable results.

Easily add your interests to your Facebook Ads account with a single click, while being able to hyper-target your audience using automated layering. No more copy-pasting!

Interest Analytics
See which interests are working for you by breaking down your Facebook Ads statistics on an interest-per-interest basis. No more split-testing!

Your membership will grant access to the secret group for daily coaching & weekly training webinars, tips & tricks and much more 😉

Learn the industry-secrets no one knows about

The best free masterclass for a successful digital agency

Stay updated on the latest news in the online marketing & sales industry with frequent podcast- and videomaterial walking you through innovative ideas and groundbraking new tools.

The Funnel University

The Funnelhacker university all the secrets and tips for online success


”One thing to note here is that people pay Russell Brunson $25000 to attend his masterclass in person but here indirectly, you’re getting his insights, experiences, mistakes for a very small price.”
 Pankaj Singh

"Marketing in your Car"

Free marketing podcast


”If you’ve ever been in marketing or sales or if you’re an entrepreneur or want to do a startup of your own, this secret podcast is for you!”
 Sarah Johnson

Funnelhacker TV

Funnelhacker TV tips and tricks for digital marketing


”Funnel Hacker Tv, with over 100 episodes, is one of my favorite channels. It helps me learn about not only sales funnel knowledge but also the marketing strategy, the up and down, what they do when launching a new product and behind the scenes of Entrepreneurs.”
 Nc Key

Get DONE-FOR-YOU Email-swipes, Social Media valueposts, social proof & testimonials and a lot of extra bonuses you can leverage 😉

The major contributors of this system

Best online business masterclass

Everyone that has contributed to this system and Masterclass training have all worked in multiple online businesses with tried and tested experience and specialties that YOU can get the best info possible from in a FREE membership.

Russell Brunson founder of clickfunnels

Russel Brunson

Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

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Daniel Dehn digital marketing expert

Daniel Dehn

Working in the digital marketing & sales sector since 2007.
Tried and tested almost everything out there when it comes to tools and strategies… Read the books from close to every online success and digital Guru out there.

With over 30.000 hours in this industry during this part of his career, it is safe to say that hi experience has showed him what really works…. and what really doesn’t, and now you get to benefit from it.

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wilco de kreij upviral & connectio founder

Wilco de Kreij

Wilco de Kreij – A full-time online marketing “whiz kid” who started at the age of 16, when he started selling sunglasses online. Over the next decade and then some, Wilco has developed several online marketing applications and WordPress plugins.

Wilco spearheads a diverse, talented team of programmers, developers, designers and online marketing professionals to ensure that UpViral  & Connectio continues to grow as a top-shelf application.

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John Crestani online business program

John Crestani

Since(involuntarily) leaving his crushy job in the corporate world, in just a couple of years he’s gone on to build an empire in the affiliate marketing space.

And now he’s taken it upon himself to teach a handful of aspiring marketers how they too can get a piece of the affiliate marketing action.

– Learn more about us

Everyone that get into the Masterclass now will have a "free for life membership" even after we make it a $497 payment to become a member 😉

30 Online Millionaires told us their 30 day plan to get it all back if they lost everything!

This information is INVALUABLE!!!
We have gathered the ”30day plan” from 30 different Online Millionaires.
The question asked was ”What would you do to save yourself if you lost it all and you only had 30 days to get back on top”.

All 30 of the featured Online Millionaires

Trey Lewellen & Liz Benny

Garret White & Alison Prince

Dana Derricks & Julie Stoian

Stephen Larsen & Stacey Paul Martino

Ed Osburn & Tyler Shaule

John Lee Dumas & Rob Kosberg

Natalie Hodson & Pat Rigsby

Caitlin Pyle & Akbar Sheikh

Rhonda Swan & David Asarnow

Raoul Plickat & James P. Friel

Rachel Pedersen & Jeremy McGliverey

Peng Joon & Myron Golden

Jaime Cross & Dan Henry

Joe McCall & Spencer Mecham

Anissa Holmes & Dean Holland

As the Masterclass content grows you will get access to more and more free training and immense value to help further your business 😉


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