FREE Masterclass Training: The Six Figure Agency

A taste of what you will get:

  • Our Exact Sales Funnel: The exact sales funnel you’re going through took us weeks to build. Actually, it took us years to learn skills like copywriting and how to create an irresistible offer people just can’t say no to.You would have to pay us $15,000 + to build you a custom funnel for your business and I’m giving you my exact funnel completely for FREE. All you need to do is apply to our training where you will signup to Clickfunnels™ which is a tool you already need if you’re serious about building your business.Once you signup you can click one button and download the funnel into your account, change your affiliate links and start promoting the funnel to get sales.
  • All of our Marketing Materials: Not only are you getting our proven funnel that turns leads into paying customers, but you’re also getting all of our marketing materials we spent hours creating every week.You will get access to all of our social media posts and emails we write every week. This would cost you thousands of dollars every single month to hire a copywriter that could create engaging content for you.
  • BI-Weekly Coaching: When you buy an information product… you get exactly that… a product. Information will only get you so far and then when you have questions you will end up stuck.

    Bi-weekly we will be teaching you the latest strategies we’re using in our business and we will help you with any questions you have so you don’t remain stuck.

    Group coaching like what we offer would normally cost you $1000 + every single month with the experience and proven track record we have…

  • Review Your Work- Over the years we’ve worked with a lot of people and the #1 thing that causes people to struggle is ”not knowing if what they’re doing is going to work”.

    As often as you need help you can ask us questions, post your work and we will review it and help you make tweaks to get better results.

    This is the type of coaching you will not normally find unless you get one-to-one coaching paying $10,000 +

Every Module has a full explanatory video tied to it, the teaching is setup so that you should use it like this:

Open a module -> Watch the videos -> Do the tasks -> Practice and repeat til you understand -> Move to next module & apply the same studying-technique..

These are some of the pointers that you will learn in this FREE Masterclass:

  • How To Create A Six Figure Business In Just 90 Days –  Watch Us Reverse Engineer Students Results…
  • How You Can Do This With 100% Free Traffic –   Without Risking Any Of Your Money…
  • How To 10X Your Earnings With Paid Ad’s –  Once You Proved Your Sales Funnel Converts Leads Into Buyers…
  • The Secret Formula I Use To Create Six & Seven Figure Businesses –  Watch Us Do It Live…
  • How You Can Create Multiple Streams Of Income –   And How To Automate The Whole Process…
  • The One Business Model All Guru’s Use –  And How It Allows You To Legally Print Money…
  • How To Give Yourself A Pay Raise Every Single Day –   It’s Easier Than You Think…
  • How To Get People To Beg You To Take Their Money –  And Why They Will Love You For It…
  • How You Can Partner With Us – And We Will Do 90% Of The Work For You…
  • How You Can Leverage All Our Work – Our Bonus Package, Sales Funnels & Marketing Materials…
  • How You Can Get Coached By Us – And We Will Review Your Work & Help You Grow Your Business…

?Agency Startup Plan?

•Create Your Agency’s Lead Generation Plan
-Lead Generation Plan PDF
-Lead Generation Plan Worksheet

•Identify Who Your Ideal Target Audience Is
-Target Market Worksheet

•Craft Your Message To Your Target Audience

•Choose And Create Your Main Offer

•Put Together Your Landing Page
-10 Day Copywriting Challenge PDF
-30 Headline Templates
-50 Fill In The Blank Bullet Points

•Create Your Follow Up Email Campaign
-5 Email Sequence Template
-Email Templates Hack

•Drive Traffic To Your Landing Page
-Brainstorming session With Alcides & Hanna

?Setup Your Agency Funnel?

•Agency Setup 1

•Agency Setup 2

•Agency Setup 3

•Agency Setup 4

•Agency Setup 5

•Outsourcing Overview

•Outsourcing Sales Funnels

•Interview Questions

•How To Find Funnel Builders
-Clickfunnels Marketplace
-Clickfunnels Group
-Leadpages Group
-Kajabi Group
-Social Media Marketing Mastery Group
-Cult Of Copy Group

•How To Find Individual Contractors

•How To Negotiate Better Rates
•Lead Generation For Your Agency

•Client Acquisition Intro

•Client Acquisition Method 1

•Client Acquisition Method 2

•Client Acquisition Method 3

?Digital Ads Masterclass?


•How To Pick A Niche

•Bait And Value Ladder

•Customer Research And Bait Ideas

•The Two Types Of Funnels

•Creating Your Bait

?Facebook Ads Masterclass?

•Facebook Ad Basics

•Facebook Tracking

•Facebook Campaign: Marketing Objectives

•Facebook Ad Set

•Audience Insights And Research

•Facebook Ad

•Facebook Headlines And Copy

•Facebook Analytics 1

•Facebook Analytics 2

•Split Testing


•Lookalike And Custom Audiences

•Scaling Your Ads

?Other amazing bonuses that you will get access to if you get accepted into the Masterclass Training?

?Bonus nr1:
Top Earner Mentor Masterclass
($1997 value)
This is my step-by-step blueprint showing you everything we do to build and grow a business

?Bonus nr2:
DFY High Converting Funnels
($14,997 value)
The difference between Top Earners and a amateur Digital marketer is their own custom sales funnel.

?Bonus nr3:
Leverage Our Bonus Package
($2,997 value)
The difference between super agency who make sales effortlessly and amateur that struggle to make sales is a bonus package, you’ll get to use ours.

?Bonus nr4:
Perfected Swipe File
($997 value)
We give you all of our emails, social media posts, social media images, sales funnels and marketing materials to copy, paste, tweak and profit with.

?Bonus nr5:
Traffic Mastery Training Course
($997 value)
In this training we cover the best free & paid traffic sources to help you get leads and sales.

?Bonus nr6:
Documented Case Studies
($997 value)
We’re documenting everything we do to build a grow a seven figure business. We’re going to show you what works, what doesn’t work and give you our marketing materials to help you duplicate our results.

?Bonus nr7:
Coaching Sessions
($997 value)
Get access to the secret Social Media Group and join us on a live webinar bi-weekly to ask questions, get feedback, review your work or get help with anything you need.

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